A Word About C. A. A. Awards and Standards

The Camp Archery Association is now, and always has been, about achievement, recognition, education, fairness and fun in the sport of archery. We are not about intercamp competition or about national standards even though we have member camps across the country.  


Because our programs recognize performance, the question of standardized equipment and shooting conditions often  comes up.  We are asked, "Won't archers at one camp using certain types of equipment (e.g. compound bows vs recurve bows) in certain environments (indoor vs outdoor) have an advantage over others with different equipment and shooting conditions?"  

Yes they will. BUT since we are not about competition between camps and archers these differences are not our concern. Participants in our programs compete only against themselves in an effort to develop their skills and be the best they can be given the equipment and environment that they have.

Since people, and especially kids, have a natural inclination to compare their performance with that of others,  and to recognize what is fair and not, we suggest that each individual camps either standardize on a type of equipment for all of its archers or divide the archers into groups based on the equipment they are using.

The there are only three things we ask for when it comes to standards:

1) placing targets at the requisite distances (or using proportionately smaller target faces if you don't have the distance).


2) limiting archers to 30 arrows "that will count" when they are going for an award vs. just doing practice.

3) accuracy and fairness in scoring and in providing appropriate awards.