Ordering Guidance for New Members

How many of each level of award shall I order?

The number and selection of awards you will need is a function of many factors, not the least of which are the experience and age of your campers and their interest in the sport.  The following information should help you determine at least a starting point for the season.


Here is a breakdown of the awards ordered from us for the last several years. Notice that approximately two-thirds of the awards ordered were at the Bowman level and below.  

Our members order 4 times as many pins as they do patches. As mentioned elsewhere, the average archer will qualify for one new award for each week that they spend in camp. Unless you are using award cards only, you do not need to order these separately since we provide one award card with each corresponding pin, medal, or patch.


Some of our members  give out significantly more awards than the others.  Here are the factors that appear to contribute to this.​ If these reflect your situation, you might want to order more awards at the beginning of the season:

  1. ​Camp orientation.  Campers at sports oriented camps tended to earn more awards than those at camps with other specialties. 

  2. Length of a typical camp stay.  Longer stays lead to more awards.

  3. Age of campers. Older campers generally earn more awards.

  4. General popularity of archery amongst the population served by the camp.

  5. Time that campers can spend practicing; the more practice time available, the more awards earned.

  6. Promotion of archery within the camp. Camps that promote their archery programs in their marketing materials and when campers first arrive and make their program selections, tend to have campers who earn more awards.

Should we order pins, patches and/or cards.

All but a few of our member camps use either pins or patches plus award cards.  As to whether you should use pins or patches here are a couple of things to think about

1. Our members use 4 times as many pins as patches.  The pins are clearly more popular.

2. We recommend that patches be used for participants under the age of 13 for safety reasons  (See FAQ for more on this).