Award inventory status
posted 5/13/2022

Our supplier of pins and medals unexpectedly closed its doors earlier in 2022.  We are pleased to announce that our search for a new supplier has been successful.  But, until our inventories from this supplier arrive on or about May 18,2022 inventories of awards are severely limited. When you order, we will tell you what we can ship immediately and what will be backordered.  To save on the expense of multiple shipments, we'd appreciate it if you would allow us to ship your entire order when supplies are available. Thank your for your patience.

Price increases
posted 5/1/2022

The pandemic has had a huge effect on our business, on yours and on those of our suppliers.  We have tried to hold prices down for the last few years.  However, rising costs in all areas of our business are now forcing us to raise prices. We appreciate your understanding.  Our catalog has been updated with new pricing as has the downloadable mail-in order entry form.

Another new web address is available for the Camp Archery Association

Posted May 20, 2019

We've received a few calls from members and prospective members trying to remember the  web addresses for the Camp Archery Association.  They try addresses that seem likely.  One often tried is www.camparcheryassn.com.  As of this morning you can use this address as well as www.camparcheryassoc.com and www.camparcheryassociation.com.  All three addresses will take you to our home page.

New downloadable order form available

Posted May 7, 2019

A new single page downloadable order form is available. Click here to download.

New web address available

Posted March 27, 2019

You can still reach as at www.camparcheryassoc.com.  Now you can also use camparcheryassociation.com.  Both

addresses will take you to the same place.