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C. A. A. Award Guidelines

**About the Basic Yeoman award

Only one of our awards, the Basic Yeoman, is not linked to scoring on the archery range. The Basic Yeoman award was created to recognize an entry level archer's accomplishment in learning about archery even if they were not able to qualify for another award. Key learning elements are:

  • the names of the key components of each piece of equipment

  • range safety rules

  • how to safely use a bow and arrow 

  • how to correctly hold and draw the bow and arrow

  • where to stand on the range and how to stand in relationship to the target

  • proper care for equipment

  • understanding the target (i.e. keeping score)

  • what it means to practice good sportsmanship at all times

Some camps have chosen to use the Basic Yeoman award as a general purpose "participation award" for those archers who display enthusiasm for archery but who may be limited in their abilities, or perhaps by time on the range,  to achieve specific performance goals.

The Camp Archery Awards Program recognizes sixteen levels of performance.  These are grouped into five sets of difficulty based on distance from the target. Qualification for awards is determined by the cumulative number of points achieved shooting 30 arrows at the specified distance from the target. See the chart below.

The five sets of awards are:

Yeoman  Level.  Targets at 15 yards  Awards: Basic Yeoman (see explanation in the sidebar**), Junior Yeoman, Junior Yeoman Arrow, Yeoman 

Bowman Level. Targets at 20 yards  Awards: Junior Bowman, Junior Bowman Arrow, Bowman, Bowman First Rank, Bowman Sharpshooter  

Archer Level.  Targets at 30 yards  Awards: Archer, Archer First Rank, Archer Sharpshooter

Silverbow Level.  Targets at 40 yards  Awards: Silverbow Archer, Silverbow Archer First Rank, Silverbow Sharpshooter 


American Archer Level:  Targets at 50 yards Award: American Archer

Each level of achievement may be recognized in multiple ways:


  1. Award cards:  These business card size awards are printed on quality card stock. Each gives the name of the award and the requirements to earn it. In addition, each provides  a place for the camp name, archer's name and the date of the award.  Generally these are presented along with other awards although camps use these as stand-alone awards.  

  2. Cloth Awards: Patches and Chevrons: These are made of durable fabrics which may be ironed or sewn onto a cap or garment. Each is embroidered with the name of the award and a CAA graphic. They vary in size from round patches approximately 3" in diameter to larger pieces roughly 3" x 4"

  3. Pins and Medals:  These are colorful enamel-on-metal. They range in size from approximately 3/4" in diameter to approximately 2"  The Bowman First Rank and Archer First Rank medals come with tri-colored ribbons with pin-on backs. These are also available without ribbons and may be sown onto a garment or sash. The Jr. Yeoman Arrow and Jr. Bowman Arrow awards come with rings for attaching them to the corresponding loops on the Jr. Yeoman and Jr. Bowman pins.

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