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Camp Archery Association

42 Lutheran Drive

Nashua, NH 03063


What is the Camp Archery Association?

The Camp Archery Association, the CAA, was established in 1938 with the purpose of enhancing young people's enjoyment of archery. Since our beginning, we've provided our members with a program defining levels of archery proficiency and offering recognition awards for young  archers' achievements as they build their skills in the sport. 


Who may join?

Any organization offering archery instruction to young people may join the CAA including camps, schools,
municipal recreation departments, archery ranges, YMCAs, and others. That said, most of our members are summer camps including both day camps and residential camps.


What do our members receive?


CAA members receive the right to use our copyrighted program, tools for program administration, the right to buy and grant our performance awards and  the right to use our name and logo in the promotion of their organization.

Why do people like the CAA program?

Young archers love 

  • the challenge of "winning awards" in a system of escalating goals

  • being recognized for their achievements

  • talking about their achievements with camp friends

  • discussing their awards with friends and family when camp is over

  • being part of something that was around for their parents, grandparents and maybe even great grandparents.

Camp owners, directors, and staffs appreciate that the program 


  • is fun and helps build "happy campers"

  • is inexpensive ... a low annual membership fee plus the cost of awards

  • is easy to administer

  • is tailorable to each camp's needs.

  • has long term, often multi-generational value to the archers as well as to the member organization.

Parents like the program because

  • it teaches that  success in meeting new and escalating challenges comes with commitment to success, work/practice to achieve it and mentors to help you get there. This is a life lesson that extends well beyond youth archery.

  • it helps to develop their child's self-confidence and positive self-image.

  • they can see that their child enjoyed archery, did well, and was recognized for their achievements.

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