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The Camp Archery Association, the CAA, is an association of camps and other providers of recreational archery and instruction. These include schools, archery clubs and ranges, and municipal organizations. 

Formed in 1938 and in continuous operation ever since, we provide our members with a program for evaluating and tracking young archers' successes and recognizing their proficiency. Members receive the tools for program administration, the right to use our performance awards and  the right to use our name and logo in the promotion of their organization and archery activities.

Our program recognizes 16 levels of success based on scores achieved by shooting thirty arrows at prescribed distances to the target.  For each level of achievement there are unique awards in three "families": enameled pins/medals, embroidered patches, and printed cards/certificates.

Young archers enjoy the CAA program.  They like showing their awards to others and discussing them with friends and family after camp is over. The proficiency they develop and the awards they receive build motivation to continue in the sport, reinforce their understanding that commitment and practice lead to success in archery and in all else, and build self-confidence that extends beyond the archery range.  The awards become life-long reminders of camp and of their archery experiences.

Camps appreciate the program because it is easy to administer, is inexpensive, can be tailored to the individual camp's needs, and campers love it.  The awards campers earn become lifelong reminders of great times at camp.

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