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Keeping Score

Getting points:

Points go from 1, for the outer ring, to 10 for the two inner yellow rings. Note: The innermost yellow ring is used in competition shooting as a tie-breaker, but for CAA purposes it is just a 10.

If an arrow touches a line, the archer gets the higher point rating.

World Archery Federation (FITA) target face

Target size:

Most or our member camps use target faces with a diameter of 48 inches or 122 centimeters.

Recording scores:

Any method you want to use is fine. But we suggest using our 5" x 8" award score sheets available at no charge (except for shipping) from our catalog or downloadable for local printing.  

Keeping track of archers' performance:

Use our Ratings Charts to keep track of an archer throughout the season. These are available from our catalog.

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