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Why are performance awards important?

The simplest answer to this is because campers like them.  They like telling friends and family that the made it to the Bowman (or other) level. They like showing their pins, patches or cards  to their friends and family. Later in their lives, after so many other things have transpired, they still like taking about their achievements and showing their awards to their children and grandchildren.  

When campers are away from camp, seeing their archery awards reminds them of happy times spent at camp. The awards remind them of the fun of learning and improving on a skill. 

But awards are more than this.  They are motivational. Campers aspire to the next highest level award and will work to achieve it.  By creating incentives for campers to develop their skills, these awards serve a higher purpose. They help young people learn that "practice makes perfect" and that working for goals brings rewards.  They help develop self-confidence and a "can-do" attitude. 


Of course, all the good feelings associated with their archery awards transfer to the camp where the recognition was gained.

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